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The philosophy of Ruen Inox Automobile toward its suppliers is 'global purchase and openness for global collaboration'.
The suppliers’ profile should meet our main criteria as:

  • Competitive price
  • Quality assurance
  • Reliability
The purchase program of this company is represented by two groups of suppliers:

  • Preferred suppliers - suppliers on a regular basis that offer the most essential raw materials.
  • Alternative suppliers - suppliers on a periodical basis depending on the production size.
The purchase department of Ruen Inox Automobile evaluates the potential suppliers through a 'three steps' process of selection:

  • Contact the suppliers - the first step in the suppliers selection and definition of all contractual terms.
  • Trial order - a small order size of raw materials directly tested in the production process.
  • Contract conclusion - finalizing the negotiations only if the required criteria are met.
If your are interested to become our supplier please do Contact Us!


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