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The new RUEN keeps pace with the contemporary needs of the automotive industry. The new organization of working, improved performance and customer focus are only some of the new lines of Ruen Inox Automobile.

Today the business field of Ruen Inox Automobile comprises the production of automotive spare parts: clutches (clutch cover, disk drive and release bearing), for passenger cars, trucks, buses and tractors.

Industrial plants of Ruen Inox Automobile are located in Kocani, medium size city in the Republic of Macedonia, near the Bulgarian border.

Ruen Inox Automobile has very good geographic location. It is the only company in the Balkans producing this kind of products. World famous automotive companies are moving their production to new large markets such as Russia, Turkey and North Africa who are open to new challenges. Ruen Inox Automobile lies at the heart of this newly created industrial zone.

This central location in South-Eastern Europe provides fast truck deliveries to all former Yugoslavian Republics, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Western Europe. Maritime transport their products to the Middle East and Africa, the company uses the port of Thessaloniki in Greece, 250 km from Kocani.


RUEN-INOX Automobile
Teodosija Paunov, 32
2300 Kocani




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