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If you want to become a part of our company, now you have the opportunity to join us!

  • Send your Aplication with photo and cover letter
  • Copy of diploma/certificate for completed education, on the following address:
Our people are our core strength.
Continually we improve engagement among us, raising bar on team performance.
Are you interested to become a member of our team in production area, or business support?. You are welcome to apply at

What we offer?

  • Constant creating of own new staff and upgrading the existing.
  • Constant improvement and development of the technical-technological possibilities of the company.
  • Constant implementing and applying European norms and standards, in order to conquest and position on the European and world market.
Our employees are very important for our business, and our competitiveness lies precisely on their ability, flexibility and responsibility for our customers!!!

Our Employees about us!

My mission critical is sharing knowledge and empowering Ruen People
Gorgi Duskov, Senior Associate
We deliver our products with commitment and passion for growth: of Ruen, our people and the whole community
Dimitar Filipov, Production Manager
In Ruen, my workplace engagement is nurtured by the opportunities for career development and growth
Boban Kocev, Sales and Marketing Manager


RUEN-INOX Automobile
Teodosija Paunov, 32
2300 Kocani




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